About Us

PRC vapor blasting started in 2017 by a full time firefighter with a passion for older motorcycles and a need for perfection. After years of riding, racing, and building my own motocross bikes, I discovered a serious demand for deep cleaning of bikes that had been subjected to years of dirt, mud, sand, grease, and whatever else the parts have seen. After trying many different methods of cleaning (WD-40 and scotchbrite, heavy duty degreasers, acid washing, wire wheels, brushes, you name it) I was never able to get my bikes back to a "straight off the showroom" floor clean. This all changed when I came across vapor blasting in the summer of 2016. After the first video I watched I was hooked and knew vapor blasting is way of the future for restoration. Fast forward a year, and we now offer a fully operational vapor blasting service to the public. Our goal is to provide a brand new finish to your dirty, and corroded parts for a fraction of the cost of a new part, or in some cases an irreplaceable piece.

We are located in Alachua, FL right out side of Gainesville. Part drop offs are available certain days (firefighter schedule). Shipping options available too.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.